Service Manager 2012 Application Approval Workflow (AAW) – This selection criteria is not valid…..REALLY?

Hello again.

I came across this particular problem whilst attempting to configure the Application Approval Workflow (AWW) Solution Accelerator for Service Manager 2012.  Here’s the scenario.

The customer environment was Service Manager 2012 SP1.  Work had been carried out to extend various classes to hold additional data and forms modified to present the data to the analyst.

Having installed AAW on the Service Manager Management  Server and Orchestrator Servers, I created a new Management Pack to store my Application Request templates.  I then created a template and a Selection Criteria.  However, when I attempted to edit the criteria to add more applications I got the following error:


So, I decided to run a simulation on the Selection Criteria, and received the following:

17-07-2013 15-24-32

All looked a little odd……..

I decided to strip things back and take things a bit at a time.  So I built myself a little lab with just Service Manager 2012 SP1 – with no customisation.  I then installed AAW, and created a new Management Pack for my Application Request templates.  I created a template and a Selection Criteria.  When I edited the criteria the form opened without any issue at all.

The next step was to import my customisations.  Following this I attempted to open the Selection Criteria again.  Again this was successful.  Next, I created a new Application Request template, and a new Selection Criteria.  This time I got the same error above stating that the template could not be found.  So, it appeared to be something to do with the customisations.

I  exported the Management Pack created earlier to store the Application Request templates to see what differences there were between the templates.  The difference was pretty obvious:


The working criteria uses the first template above .  This had a TypeID of a default, built-in type projection.  The second had a TypeID of a type projection created for the customised Service Request form.  So the problem appeared to be that the AAW cannot use customised forms/type projections for Application Request templates.  So I decided try and modify my non-working template TypeID to match the functioning one:


I saved the XML file and re-imported the Management Pack.  Lo-and-behold…….the Selection Criteria that previously generated the error can now be edited successfully!

Hope this helps some of you out of a little hole.

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