SCSM Reports not rendering?

I came across a little issue the other day whilst implementing Service Manager for a customer.  The deployment of the Management Server and Data Warehouse server was successful……even the report deployment.  However, when trying to run reports the following error was generated:

The report server cannot process the report or shared dataset.  The shared data source ‘DWDataMart’ for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid.  Browse to the server or site and select the shared data source.  (rsInvalidDataSourceReference)

Here’s a screenshot…..


First things first, I thought I’d check the the Report Server……


All looked good here.  So, next I took a look at the data sources.  The reports use the ‘DWDataMart’ data source…..


All looked good here too.  So, the next to look as was the data source within the report itself.  I opened up a report in Report Builder to test the data source:


As you can see this didn’t work.  Notice how there is no location for the ‘DWDataMart’ data source reference.  So next, I decided to browse for the data source…..


By doing this, a new shortcut to the shared data source is created.  Notice the location of the ‘DWDataMart’ reference is now populated:


Testing the connection now works!


Saving the report in Report Builder then writes the change back to the Reporting Services server.  Now running the report from within the Service Manager console resulted in the following:


Victory!  The report now runs successfully.  The same actions need to be done for each report, which is a bit of a lengthy task, but will fix the issue.  At this time, I am unsure why this occurred, but suffice to say if you experience this issue, it will dig you out of a small hole.  I’ll update this should I figure out why this happens.

5 thoughts on “SCSM Reports not rendering?

  1. Dude, you are awesome. Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks for the grest comment. Any time Patrick!!

  2. You are a legend..

  3. Balasubramaniyam October 29, 2013 — 8:48 AM

    Awesome. It helped lot.

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