SCOM 2012 Web Parts…..Access Denied!

Recently I was involved with an Operations Manager 2012 Deployment which included deployment of the OM12 Web Parts for dashboard rendering in SharePoint 2010.  I won’t go over the installation and initial configuration steps as these have already been well documented here

However, whilst creating web part pages in SharePoint I came across a strange error.  Whenever I either tried to edit the web part itself, or even to just attempting to view the web part page I was rewarded with the dreaded ‘Access Denied’ error

After having a dig around in the SharePoint trace logs, I came across the following error:

Error: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: The Web Part cannot access the configuration list. This is probably caused by insufficient permissions.  Contact your system administrator.

For information, you can locate these by opening the trace logs, and searching for the string ‘Operations Manager’

So, first things first was to ensure that the account that the SharePoint Application Pool is running under has access to the SharePoint List created by the Web Part installation in the Central Administration Site.

To do this, we open the SharePoint Central Administration Site and click Configure service accounts under the Security section


In the Credential Management section in the dropdown list marked select the web application pool of the application where your document library is hosted


When the screen updates, the account that the application pool is configured as will be displayed in the lower drop-down box.  Just click cancel here

From here, Select Site Actions and View All Site content


Then select the Operations Manager Web Console Environments List


In the list, select the List item under List Tools, and then select List Permissions


From the Ribbon select Grant Permissions, and add in the user that you discovered earlier into the list permissions.  Read Only should be sufficient


Following this I expected this to work OK.  However, I just got a little further.  I was now getting the same error before, but this time in the SharePoint site.


After a little more digging around in the SharePoint databases I found the problem.  The issue was to do with the account that the Web Application was set to run as not having permissions to execute a particular stored procedure – that being the proc_EnumLists stored procedure.


I granted my user account the required  permissions, and her presto I was able to configure the Operations Manager web parts, and successfully render my Dashboard in SharePoint.

5 thoughts on “SCOM 2012 Web Parts…..Access Denied!

  1. Hi Shaun, WE’ve experienced a similar issue – is the location of the proc_EnumList SP within the Central Admin DB on SP2010?

    1. Hi Rich.

      The proc_EnumList stored procedure is located in the WSS_Content database (in my lab environment at least.




      1. Hello. Thanks a lot for this post. Helped, but I found the db that needed to be tweaked by looking the alerts in SCOM after the error occured. For me it was in “Sharepoint_AdminContent_(GUID)”



  2. Hi Guys,


    I had to give permissions to the stored procedure located in the Central Admins DB.


  3. Hi Rich and Shaun,
    Execute Permission for proc_EnumList stored procedure in Central admin content DB, since web application app pool have limited access to centrald admin db ( it don’t have permission to this stored proc in central admin DB).

    but I really hesitate to do any modification to DB directly since it may void the Microsoft support.
    but it is a nice work around though.

    Thanks for your post.

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